Hike in the nature reserve Gimegolts


Easy hike above an imposing canyon of the earth's history.  There and back about 3 miles.

Tour description

Thousands years ago the canyon was cut into the shale rock by streams from melting glaciers.

The path along the canyon runs with some up and down above an imposing column, which is today still filled with water. At several points to the photographers are offering impressive image sections. Caution: Go not to close to the breaking edge. In the area live brown bears, their claw marks can be found on the tree trunks. At the end of the canyon, we reach a small shelter. Here is an good opportunity for picnic.

After lunch we can go down to the base of the column and take pictures from the water side into the canyon. The way back is the same as we have come.




Normal hiking equipment, snowshoes and poles are provided.


550 SEK / pers. (from 2 participants


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