Snowmobile tour für beginners und returners


Day tour around Sorsele. On this tour we drive across frozen rivers and lakes up through dense forests and above the tree line on our highest mountain, the Nalovardo. At lunchtime we sit around the campfire and prepare coffee in the Sami way.

Tour description

We start at the guest house or meet at the rental station in Sorsele. After a brief introduction to the technology of the vehicles and the right driving behavior we go directly to the trails around Sorsele. After a few miles we have already left the village behind us and find ourselves in the middle of the wilderness. Depending on weather and snow conditions we climb the highest mountain in the region, the Nalovardo. Here you have spectacular views over the Valley. Then we go downhill to the lake Borgjaure there could have a long break, possibly a picnic. The further path leads us into the highlands.

Length: approximately 70 km


Keine besonderen Anforderungen. Vor dem Start erfolgt eine Einweisung in die Technik des Schneemobilfahrens und Übungsfahrten im flachen Gelände


No special requirements. Before starting you get a technical briefing of snowmobile driving and test drives takes place on a meadow


2.500 SEK / person if the vehicles is occupied by 2 people.
3.500 SEK / person for single use.

Minimum number of participants: 2


Your Guide in Lapland

Phone:     +46 - 76 -1355436


Address:  Bjärdakken 152, 92494 Sorsele