On skis and sled through the white winter world of Lapland


On this tour the summit is not in the focus of our adventure. We move with touring skis and sled through a fantastic arctic nature, over frozen lakes and rivers up into the highlands. It does not matter what altitude we climb or how many miles we covered: Here is indeed THE WAY IS THE GOAL!

Tour description

The tours, goals and milestones are planned in consultation with the guests. There can be no uniform tour description. Every day we have new challenges depending on terrain and weather conditions. Is common to all routes, however, that we are well prepared for these trips. Each participant draws his own pulk and carrying his own supplies such as fuel and everything what's necessary for the winter adventure. Overnight  we sleep usually in a tent, when cabins are located on the trail than in this. Depending on the season (length of the arctic day) we are 5-8 hours on the trail before the camp is pitched.


The requirements skiing knowledge are low, it depends primarily on the condition. The life on minus temperatures can be challenging. In preparation to cool temperatures it is recommended to acclimatize before traveling (Sleeping with open windows in the winter, cold showers, movement in frosty clear air ...)


Everyone should bring his own personal equipment. These include tents, mattress, sleeping bag, air tight ticking, cooking utensils and personal items.Rental is also possible. Touring ski, climbing skins and pulk may also be provided by arrangement.


800 SEK/person/day (from 2 participants)


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