On Kings Trail from Ammarnäs to Adolfström


This section of Kungsleden (Kings Trail) can be seen as a continuation of the route Hemavan-Ammarnäs or as an entry in the Kungsleden from Ammarnäs. Before the trek, a sightseeing in the Sami village Ammarnäs is recommended. Potatisbacken, Kyrkogård and particularly the Nature exhibition in the hotel "Ammarnäsgården" are worthwhile goals. The trail itself leads over long distance in the barren highlands and past the highest mountains of Björgfjället.

Tour description

Coming on the road from Sorsele there is in Ammarnäs shortly after the entrance a sign with "Kungsleden". This leads to the parking lot. The trail itself runs then up the ski slope and leads on a ridge with excellent view. The first day's destination is the Rävfallstugan. (Details see below hikes: "Round trip in Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve"). Near the cabin beautiful camping possibilities.

The next day we initially follow the trail downstream. After 2 miles the Kungsleden left the valley trail and leads into the mountains. Some orchids are on the wayside. Further ascent over several bridges. Warning: Lack of marking! The best way is you enter the suspension bridge over the creek "Gouletsbäcken" as a waypoint into your GPS and holds on to this. After ascending a hill on 3.000 ft there is a signpost. From now on the further course is well marked with St. Andrew's crosses. We follow this towards the north over the highlands to our destination Adolfström.


Medium difficulty, condition at ascents necessary


Normal trekking equipment; in highlands there can be problems with the water supply. Bottle fill at every opportunity! In warm weather, long sections in the sun (sun protection!)


1 participant 1,200 SEK/day
2 and more participants 900 SEK/person/day



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