Forest walk to an abondoned mountain farm


Conditionally easy hiking tour in the past of the Swedish mountain farmers.

Tour description

From the parking lot we go up and down along on the northwestern shore of Lake Gautsträsket. After one mile  we cross over a small bridge the creek "Bissanbäcken" which leads down into the valley from Bissajaurje. Immediately thereafter provides an excellent opportunity for a first break. With a lot of love here have been an old water mill reconstructed in which you can still inspect the grinder. A spacious grill hut completes the installation. After relaxing it is now time for the other way up to a signpost with the inscription "Örnbo" which suggesting the walk to the forest on the right. However, in winter this way is rare committed. The marking on the trees is not always consistently. After another mile through dense forest and around a few cliffs a first stable building comes into view and you reach the farm area.

A more convenient way of ascension offers the former driveway.




Standard hiking equipment


800 SEK/pers. (from 2 participants)



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