Trekking round the lake Tjulträsket


The tour wanders through a part of Europe's largest nature reserve, the "Vindelfjäll Nature Reserve". Along the trails are old settlements of the northern natives, the sami people. All vegetation zones from the valley to the barren highlands will be crossed. On the first day excellent swimming opportunity in the crystal clear waters of the lakes Tjulträsket.

Tour description

Start and end point is the parking lot at Tjulträsket. There is a nice barbecue cabin. A well-marked trail runs thereafter along on the northern shore of Tjulträsket. Later in the terrain rising slightly. We meet several small Sami settlements. The meadows are still used for haymaking.

The first day's stage can be stopped near a bridge over a small creek. There is a good place for the tent. The next day we follow the trail until we meet the Kings Trail (Kungsleden) coming from west. (The STF cabin "Servestugan" is still 2 miles away). Who wants to can stop there, otherwise we will follow the Kungsleden now ascending into the highlands. After a few hours we reach the rest cabin at 'Matsukjukke'. Soon we come to the foothills of the highest mountain on our round, the 'Stor Aigert'. On a clear day it is worth to go to the summit. But in addition to plan 2-3 hours.

Those who remain on the Kungsleden will soon reach the Aigertstugan. The cottage offers 30 accommodation places and owned by the Swedish Tourist Association (STF). Summer opening times: June 20 to September 21. A stop at the friendly landlord is recommended. From here, descend to the parking lot. Especially the first section after the cabin is roadless terrain, later on snowmobile trails to the parking lot.

The tour can be shortened by boat taxi across the Tjulträsket (ring taxi at Thorbjorn in Ammarnäs

Phone: 070-682 09 71).


No special requirements. On the first day dense vegetation along the trail. Slippery after rainfall.


Especially in the pre-season (June) is much meltwateron the trail, so waterproof footwear is essential. In many places marshy. In the fall (September) first frosts may occur. There is enough fresh water on the trail. Rain- and windproof clothing needs to be taken. Orientation with map and GPS.


1 participant 1,200 SEK/day
2 and more participants 900 SEK/person/day



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