Adventure Sarek - transverse through the National Park


The Sarek National Park is probably the wildest, most exciting, most spectacular, most abandoned region throughout Northern Europe. At nearly 2000 km² here you meet all superlatives! Trekking in Sarek means to renounce everything which makes hiking in other areas so agreeable: There are no cabins where one could find refuge, no trails (possibly a few footmarks), no bridges inside the park, no signposts - NOTHING ! Only pure, unaffected by human nature! Here has never been sedentary residents, no roads or transmission lines have been ever built through the valleys. The area has always been considered inaccessible. Who come here for trekking know what he was getting himself ... in an incomparably intense experiences in nature; on adventures that remain forever in memory and on getting to know their own abilities - with every step, every mile, every day!

Tour description

Contrary to the usual description on our other trekking pages we can not give instructions to the detailed schedule for this tour. The conditions in Sarek are seasonal so different that we clearly planning our route  shortly before the tour start. Depending on how much snow was in the winter and how the snowmelt has gone, for example, the fords of the rivers create serious problems and make a sudden route change necessary.

However, there are some general remarks: So our tours usually start from the north (Ritsem) or from the east (Saltoluokta). There is also an entrance from the south (Kvikkjokk). At the starting points there are STF's mountain stations where last purchases can be made. From here it goes into several daily stages into the Sarek. From camp to camp we are 8 to 10 hours on the trail. In any case we will try the central portion to traverse the Ráphajåhkå and to end the trek on one of said mountain stations.

Note for 'Softtrekker': Who wants to have it not quite as extreme can go on Kungsleden (Kings Trail). Here are convenient bridges cross the torrential rivers and guest cabins are available in daily intervals. However, in this case the National Park is only tangented because the trail leads around east and south of the national park.


Serious trekking tour, good preparation and condition necessary. Excellent knowledge in outdoor navigation required. Not recommended for beginners!


Good equipment is essential for survival in Sarek. Starting with the stove, tent, sleeping bag, weatherproof clothing should be used only proven equipment. The backpack must be suitable for carrying heavy loads and adjusted to the body. For fords there needs sandals and a rope. A good help is a breast high walking stick comes against the flow in use.


1 participant 1,200 SEK/day
2 and more participants 900 SEK/person/day



Your Guide through the Sarek

Phone:     +46 - 76 -1355436


Address:  Bjärdakken 152, 92494 Sorsele

Rules in National Park

It is allowed to enter the park on foot or ski, to make tents everywhere and make fire by with dry branches. However, the latter should only be done if, for example, soaked clothing must be dried. Dogs are not allowed in the national park. There is an exception only for the Kungsleden. Furthermore, it goes without saying that no trees are cut down or plants are uprooted. Also probably does not need to be mentioned that the own garbage belongs in the pack and not in the countryside. Animals should be disturbed as little as possible.

By our behavior we should all contribute to the pristine nature of the Sarek preserved in the long run and in the future remains a unique trekking destination!