Who we are and why we are living in Lapland

We are a German family that has come to Swedish Lapland in 2007. For many years we have visited this country in our travels, in the summer we went with backpack and hiking boots through the mountains and have dug in winter our tent in the snow. With each trip the wish has grown that we want to live in this region once. Not only for one season, but forever! Ok, but why does it have to be just Lapland? We hear this question frequently. The Scandinavian north is generally regarded as eternally dark and always cold. And in fact, winter is the longest season here. Six to seven months of the year the ground is covered with snow. In between a short spring, some summer, a fast, colorful autumn and the beginning of October begins the winter again with the first snow. Those who live here must really like the winter! And we do!

In addition, however, two things we are missing more and more in Central Europe: The sense of personal freedom and the limitless expanse. Both belong to the north together as two sides of a coin: infinite forests, solitude in nature, live with bears and elk, fishing in clear water, let the eye wander over the tundra - that's freedom ... and width equally. We have both sought and found here. That is why we have come to Lapland.

However, we feel very comfortable here and can only say: forget your preconceptions about Lapland, once come here and enjoy the north.

joachim and birgit

Joachim & Birgit

Your hosts in Lapland

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