A day on the footsteps of the Sami indigenous people


Learn all about the indigenous people of Lapland, as why they keep their hard life in the past centuries, their tradition and religion, about the struggle of the natives to more justice and freedom, how they live today and why they have so many reindeers.

Tour description

The tour starts at the cottage in Bjärdakken or at the tourist information office in Sorsele and takes 6-7 hours.

Our excursion to the Sami past and present runs along the river Vindelalven. First we visit an Rendeercorral (Rengärde) near river Laisälven and then we drive the Vindelälven upward to the Sami village Ammarnäs. We stop at several historic sites and learn what has happened here hundreds of years ago. When we arrieve Ammarnäs we visit a phantastic exhibition at the hotel "Ammarnäs Garden", a remarkable exhibition of animals and plants of the highlands around Ammarnäs.

For lunch we make a campfire on the shore of Vindelälven. The water for the coffee we take from the river and prepare the drink on a Sami traditional way.

In the afternoon we visit a 250 years old "resort" (Kyrkogård), the wooden church of Ammarnäs and climb on the landmark of the village, the potato hill (Potatisbacken). From here we have a magnificent view of the meadows of the Ammarnäs delta and see into the southern part of Europe's largest nature reserve, the "Vindelfjäll".

On the way back we hear Sami music in the car.


Keine besonderen Anforderungen. Die Tour ist als Tagestour ausgelegt. Es wird empfohlen Getränke und einen Snack mitzunehmen. Ebenso ist eine Regenjacke von Vorteil. Die kurzen Wanderungen sind für Jedermann geeignet.


900 SEK/person (from 2 participants)