Silently through the white winter landscape

Dog sledding


The Nordic peoples used dogs as draft animals for a long time. It is believed that this way of traveling comes  from the wintry Siberia. These dogs need to bring special physical and mental abilities. In addition to top physical condition is the social behavior necessary. A sled dog must have a irrepressible will to runn, which means that the dog show willingness to perform under the toughest climatic conditions and must follow the commands of the musher. During the time several special breeds were bred, which are suitable for the work on a sled. Essentially these are: The Alaskan Malamutes, the Greenlanders, the Canadian Eskimo dogs, the Siberian Huskys and Samoyeds. All these dogs have to be persistent and resistant to cold. The accommodation of the dogs takes place in summer and winter exclusively outdoors. The animals live in small groups in which certain hierarchies have made out. However, we have no Huskys in our company. But we can provide a dog sledding event through partner companies. Than you stand yourself as a musher on a sled or you sit in the sled, wrapped in soft reindeer skins. Either way you will enjoy the quiet of the northern landscape, which is only interrupted by the dribbling of quadrupeds before and the silent glide of the sled runners under you. The tours can be arranged as a day trip or multi-day tour. In any case you come into close contact with the animals and experience a trip type that you might read only by Jack London's novels.


The prices depend on the offers of the organizers