Helitrekking in the Vindelfjäll

Nature Reserve


On this tour you can first look to the route from the air. By the helicopter we fly along the upper reaches of the river "Vindelälven" up into the mountains. Under us glides a picturesque landscape.

On this tour you need to carry your luggage in one direction only; namely from the starting point in the wilderness back to civilization.

Tour description

The helicopter brings us first to the starting point of our trek. After unloading of equipment and supplies will start the trek. Destination and duration of the trip can be defined individually by appointment. Usually joins a 4-5 day trekking tour. The highest mountains in Vindelfjällen and the most beautiful valleys are included in the route. We overnight in tents at crystal clear mountain lakes or watercourses. Each participant carry his own equipment.

Best time: July to late September.

Note: The helicopter can travel simultaneously 3 participants (including luggage.) + 1 Guide. For larger groups of Heli flies several times.


Es wird erwartet, dass sich die Teilnehmer mehrtägig in weglosem Gelände bewegen können. Die Tour ist nicht schwierig, hat jedoch bei Bergbesteigungen schweißtreibende Abschnitte. Im Hochfjäll sind auch im Sommer noch größere Schneefelder zu queren.  Der Zeltaufbau sollte beherrscht werden, kann aber vor der Tour geübt werden.


It is expected that the participants can move in pathless terrain for several days. The tour is not difficult, but sweaty when we have mountain climbing sections. In the highlands larger snowfields are still to traverse even in summer. The tent assembly should be mastered, but it can be practiced before the tour.


Helicopter: 8.000 SEK/flight;

1 participant 1,200 SEK/day
2 and more participants 900 SEK/person/day



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