A leisurely walk to an abandoned hamlet


Delliknäs is an ancient settlement site that was illegally established in 1892 by Anton Karlsson and his family. Anto Karlsson bought the land from a horse dealer from Jorn, who was not the owner. Only in 1915 the family has been granted the right to stay. In the 20s of the last century lived in Delliknäs 15 people, including 10 children. A total of three residential buildings including stables and barns were built. 1950 was just a house inhabited in the summer time which was 1963 also abandoned. Since the settlement expires. Since 1990, however, there are efforts to preserve the hamlet of Silver Museum in Arjeplog in cooperation with the provincial government of Västerbotten. So a former residential house has been refurbished as a shelter for walkers and former meadows and pastures are mowed.

Tour description

From the parking lot it's a forest trail to the suspension bridge over the river Laisälven. After that the trail winds through thousands of years old primeval forest and moors. Moisture sections are covered with planks.

In Delliknäs the shelter the first house on the left. There is also a barbecue area. Drinkable water can be found at a creek at the rear end of the hamlet.

After a long break and many photos we embark on the return journey which is, however, substantially longer than the way there. We leave the village down towards to the river Delikälven and achieve this in about 45 minutes. Now we turn to the left and follow the river on a narrow path downstream. At several places the riparian vegetation recedes and we get wonderful views of the sparkling, clear waters of Dellikälven. After a few miles we come to the river estuary of Dellikälven into Laisälven. Here we keep left again and go now the Laisälven upstream until we meet again the forementioned suspension bridge. About this to the parking lot.


No special requirements but somewhat longer tour.


Normal hiking equipment, sturdy footwear essential. Daypack with food.


900 SEK/pers. (from 2 participants)



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