Above the Aigert North Wall


Lovely ski tour on a mountain in the  Vindelfjäll Nature Reserve, whose name almost sounds like his famous cousin in Switzerland. Even a icy North wall can the "Aigert" in Lapland (pictured above) offer which may not compare with the Eiger north face, but it is still quite difficult to climb through. But the ski tour nearing the summit from the flat south side

Tour description

The tour begins at the parking lot Tjulträsket behind Ammarnäs. First we cross the lake before the ascent begins on the opposite though subalpine birch forest. After an hour we reached the tree line. From now on it comes on a wide overhanging plateau shallow up to a pre-summit of Aigert. There is time for a rest. On the other side of this pre-summit we lose some altitude (the skins can be left mounted) until it a broad back goes directly to the main summit. Here stands a stone pyramid. After a long rest on the summit with magnificent views over the wide Nature Reserve the skins are peeled, put the skis on "exit" and go down. In the gap between Aigert and his pre-summit we can decide in case of good snow conditions (not at risk of avalanches!) that we go left over a cornice, initially quite steep, then flat to the wide plateau. Let the skis run on this. Soon we reach the turn to the lake and dive back into the birch forest. Now with skillful swings in deep snow avoid crashes with trees. At the lake we cross this back to the parking lot.


The tour is not difficult but the rise in deep snow can cost some forces. Quite suitable for sporty touring beginners.


Hot drinks and picnic belong to the backpack. Above the treeline expect frequent strong winds. Warm, windproof clothing is mandatory. Alpine Touring Ski and ascent skins can be hired.


1.200 SEK/person (from 2 participants)


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