Easy hike with snowshoes for beginners


The ascent to this mountain is meant as the first trip in your holiday. Without risk you can at the same time explore your condition. From the summit you have a magnificent view over the valley of Vindelälven.

Tour description

The Bierdåjvvie stands just behind the cottage and is easily reached from this. It is ideal for a first winter hike. The snowshoes are strapped directly in front of the cabin because after a few meters it goes into the deep snow. First we follow a small forest track that leads us to a free surface. This we are going upwards in serpentines until we get through a small forest strip, behind we hides a rigde to the left. This we go upwards to the top with respectable distance to the steep south wall. After we have traversed the dense undergrowth we reach soon the summit plateau. Before us in the valley we see the hamlet Bjärdakken from which we started two hours ago.

If we enjoyed the view we make our way back, first along the ascent track. After about 300 ft downhill sporty snowshoe hikers can leave the rigde and crossing in steeper terrain to the right. Here it goes rapidly downhill. From smaller cliff jumps are necessary. Once we have passed the following woods we reach our forest trail which leads back to the cozy cabin.

Those who prefer to descend a little quieter just stay along the ascent track.

An alternative for an extension of the tour is the summit exceeded with descent through the forest on the west side of Bierdåjvvie. Here, however, a very good orientation in the field is necessary.


No special requirements. Something condition is advantageous.


Hot drink and picnic belong to the backpack. Snowshoes and poles are provided.


450 SEK/h, regardless of how many participants


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