With Power through the Deep Snow

The choice is yours: with snowmobiles through snow-covered forests or into the solitude of the mountains.

Our guided tours can be booked as day tours or as multi-day trips (snowmobile expeditions).

Introductory tour

Riding snowmobiles over mountains and valleys

in northern Sweden

Duration: Day trip

Tour Description

EXPEDITION 3 - Lapland hard

Unique snowmobile adventure on a trip to the Arctic Circle and the Norwegian border

Duration: 7 days

Tour Description

EXPEDITION 1 - Lapland easy

Towards the mountain on endless trails across frozen lakes and rivers

Duration: 2 days

Tour Description

EXPEDITION 4 - Lapland extreme

1,200 km of breathtaking snowmobile trips where you can experience everything that Lapland winter has to offer. Duration: 12 days

Tour Description

EXPEDITION 2- Lapland medium

With the Skidoo to the white peaks in the Hochfjäll

Dream tour in the mountains

Duration: 3 days

Tour Description

The 'NordTrek AB' is a company of German emigrants who have sattled in Sweden. We have been offering adventure trips and outdoor activities in Swedish Lapland for 10 years. An experienced guide ensures your safety on tours. We speak English, German and Swedish.



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