With Power through the Deep Snow

The choice is yours: with snowmobiles through snow-covered forests or into the solitude of the mountains.

Our guided tours can be booked as day tours or as multi-day trips (snowmobile expeditions).

Introductory tour

Riding snowmobiles over mountains and valleys

in northern Sweden

Duration: Day trip

Tour Description

EXPEDITION 3 - Lapland hard

Unique snowmobile adventure on a trip to the Arctic Circle and the Norwegian border

Duration: 7 days

Tour Description

EXPEDITION 1 - Lapland easy

Towards the mountain on endless trails across frozen lakes and rivers

Duration: 2 days

Tour Description

EXPEDITION 4 - Lapland extreme

1,200 km of breathtaking snowmobile trips where you can experience everything that Lapland winter has to offer. Duration: 12 days

Tour Description

EXPEDITION 2- Lapland medium

With the Skidoo to the white peaks in the Hochfjäll

Dream tour in the mountains

Duration: 3 days

Tour Description