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Experience reindeer, moose, northern lights and the impressive silence in the north of Scandinavia

Lapland is now known as the last great wilderness in Europe. Here in the north of the continent, nature has retained its originality. In the depths of the forests and in the wide expanse of the highlands you can still experience wilderness that you will not find anywhere else in Europe. The air is as clear as the water in the rivers and the forests contain animal and plant species that have already died out in other regions of Europe.

Discovering Lapland is already a great adventure today. As a starting point our holiday home offers suitable accommodation.

The adventure begins where roads end

The 'NordTrek AB' is a company of German emigrants who have sattled in Sweden. We have been offering adventure trips and outdoor activities in Swedish Lapland for 10 years. An experienced guide ensures your safety on tours. We speak English, German and Swedish.



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