With engine power through deep snow

Snowmobiles are very popular in all the polar regions of the earth; whether, as a transport or just for leisure. The advantage of these vehicles is their off-road ability under different snow conditions and except dense forest they know almost no obstacles. For driving a snowmobile you don't need special driver's license when you are on trip with a trained guide, so with us. Snowmobiling is a bit like riding a motorcycle in the winter; however, the broad runners provides the crew a little more balance. So you can, if you have no bike practice, quickly ride a snowmobile. Around Sorsele you'll find a network of trails for these vehicles. They lead you through snow-covered forests up in the solitude of the mountains or over frozen rivers to the next village. We offer guided day tours (about 6-7 hours with instruction) or multi-day trips (Snowmobile expeditions). The rental of the vehicles takes place at a partner company in the near. There you will excellently maintained vehicles which are ready to ride. Accommodation on the expeditions takes place in mountain stations, private cottages or guest houses.

Tell us your wishes - we take care of the details.


Introductory tour


By snowmobiles over mountains and valleys in northern Sweden


Duration: Day trip

Expedition 1 - Lappland easy


About frozen lakes and through deep woods to the mountains


Duration: 2 days

Expedition 2 - Lappland medium


Wide rivers, snow-capped mountains, endless forests

  - and you right in the middle


Duration: 3 days

Expedition 3 - Lappland hard


Unique experiences on a snowmobile expedition to the

Arctic Circle.


Duration: 5 days

Expedition 4 - Lappland extreme


750 miles through the white wilderness of Lapland.


Duration: 11 days

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