By backpack and tent through the wilds

Trekking is the intense experience of nature and landscape in its original style. Being alone in the vastness of Lapland, to be the one with nature, confidence in your own physical and mental strength makes the uniqueness of this form of travel. Surrounded by thousands of square kilometers the thoughts reduced to the essentials in life: Where can I find a suitable place for my tent tonight? Is there water? Do I have enough supplies until the next village? ... Trekking in Lapland is always loneliness. The country is so sparsely populated that you meet hardly 'natives' in your ways. Also other trekkers encountered more on the well-known fashion paths, such as the Kungsleden (Kings trail) and primarily in the travel months of July and August. In the remaining time or away from the main hiking trails Lapland can already be very, very lonely.

We distinguish Trekking clearly from the other forms of hiking. Although the mode of transportation is the same, but trekking is a more day hiking - often several weeks - in which the entire 'household' is carried. Normally stay overnight in a tent in the great nature. But often can you find, however, basic accommodation huts along the route. In the Scandinavian countries this kind of travel is very popular and is supported by the state and many clubs. Here it is called "friluftsliv". Until today, the "Allemansrätt" (the right for everyone) is prescribed by law, which expressly allows the hikers to spend the night in the great outdoors.

If you want to go with us on a trekking tour then you should be aware that we are totally dependent and absulutly alone in the wilderness. Because there is no network for mobile communications in the most regions so on unforeseen events a call for external help is usually not possible. Also, the tour can not be suddenly discontinued if, for example, the weather changes or you have no desire to continue. Under certain circumstances it could still be a few days' march to the nearest village or to the next road. However, if you opt for a trekking tour with us you will get in addition to unforgettable adventures impressions of a fascinating landscape and will cause to a new self-confidence and strength of your personal power.


Combined Trekking tour by helicopter

By helicopter into the wilderness and back through the magnificent Vindelfjäll Nature reserve to the zilivisation.

Duration: 4-5 days

Trip around the massif of Ammarfjäll

Complete circuit around the main massif in Europe's largest nature reserve.

Duration: 6-7days

From Nordvik to Kraddsele

Trekking through all vegetation zones of Lapland from valley walks up to the highlands

Duration: 2 days

Tour around the lakes of Tjulträsket

Easy trek along old paths of the natives.

Duration: 2 days

From Hemavan to the Sami village Ammernäs


Mountain trekking over the highest mountain of the

Vindelfjäll nature reserve.

Duration: 3-4 days

Adventure Sarek National Park

Trek through the wildest region of northern Scandinavia: no paths, no bridges, no Lodges.

Duration: 7-10 days

Pieljekaise-National park

Alone in a deserted mountain scenery, rarely route through one of the most beautiful national parks in Sweden

Duration: 2-3 days

From Ammarnäs to Adolfström

Freedom and wideness: on the Kungsleden through lonely highlands and wild valleys.

Duration: 3-4 Tage

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