Like the trappers in Alaska ...

The cold season in Scandinavia is perfect for walks through the forest and mountains. In summer are rivers, lakes and moors natural barriers for hikers  can these barriers easily be "overrun" in winter. The winter in Lapland is particularly snowy. In the valley we often have a snow cover of 3ft, in the mountains that can be several meters. Because it does not matter that there are no hiking trails in the proper sense. Each hiking group draws its own way through the wilderness. For snowshoeing you don't need any special knowledge or skills. However, some fitness is offen an advantage, especially if you go on a several hours tour. With us you can buckle up the snowshoes in front of the cabin. Worthwhile goals are our local mountain 'Bierdåjvvie' or the two peaks of the mountain 'Kyrkberget'. Who does not want to climb so high can circumnavigate in a several-hour tour to Bierdåjvvie or go to meet the midday su on a frozen river. A lucrative destination for a winter walk is the eagle's nest 'Örnbo', a romantic mountain farm above Ammarnä, but now abandoned. To all these objectives, we offer you our leadership or give you advices if you wish to undertake the tours on your own.


On the mountain Bierdåjvvie


First tour to a local mountain with start right behind the cottage.


Duration: 3-4 h

To the mountain farm Örnbo

Forest hiking to an abandoned mountain farm in Ammarnäs.


Duration: Daytrip

Summit ascent on Gajsatje


Ascent on an easily accessible 3000 ft mountain


Duration: Daytrip

To the Nature reserve Gimelgoults

Spectacular scenery along a glacial canyon.


Duration: 5 h

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