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Alpine Touring Ski in Lapland - for many something exotic



Running on skis has a long tradition in Scandinavia. In earlier times this was often the only way for rural populations to keep in contact to one another. Here also special running techniques arose which will not only get to this day, just think of the 'telemarking', but who get in recent years a true renaissance, also and especially in the Alpine region. Under skiing in Lapland we do not understand 'turn around' on landscaped trails; therefore classic cross-country skis are not suitable for our tours. For ski equipment includes skis, poles and skins.

For our tours into the highlands beyond personal safety equipment is necessary: ​​avalanche transceiver, probe and avalanche shovell. Dealing with this equipment should be known to the participants; but there is a possibility that we practice the process of an avalanche rescue thoroughly.

For easy hikes you can buckle up your skis directly in front of the cabin. To achieve higher mountains we go to Ammarnäs and rise from there on into the highlands. For these tours it would be beneficial if you already have some experience in ski touring. But thit is not a requirement.


Summit climb on Gajsatje (3.300 ft)

By Alpine Touring Ski on a easily accessible summit

Duration: Daytour

Summit climb on Stor Aigert (3.612 ft)

Schöne Skitour zu einem Aussichtsberg im Vindelfjäll


Duration: Daytour

Avalanche safety training

Everything you need to know on a ski tour in the mountains

Duration: 3 h

Multi-day tours in Highlands

With us on a long ski tour through Arctic winter Landscapes

Objectives, duration, length and equipment according

to individual arrangement

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