en-ice climbing

Ice Climbing at Nalovardo


It is cold. it is wet. It is smooth as glass and it's pretty much the last thing that ordinary people want to do on vacation ...

And yet this sport attracts more and more mountain enthusiasts into its spell. Inside of climbing to ice climbing has more and more developed into a separate discipline. For your own inspections of large waterfalls but you need a lot of experience and specialized training. Our ice climbing on Nalovardo provides the perfect requirements and circumstances such as prevail in the mountains. Here you can under the expert guidance practice your ice-climbing techniques and prepare you for greater things. Especially ice climbing safety is paramount, therefore we climb in "top rope".

Ice climbing course 4 hours

1 participant     800 SEK

2 participants   500 SEK/pers

3 participants   400 SEK/pers

4 participants   350 SEK/pers

Course content

Basic techniques of ice climbing

Ice texture

Node exercises

Safety techniques

Building a stand

Route planning


The prices include the necessary equipment (ice axes, crampons, ropes, helmets, protective materials) We remind you that may only be climbed when the security staff is present on the place.

If you want to climb go to the cash desk in the valley station, call us directly or write an e-mail. You can also use the contact form under "contact".

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