Breathe the wilderness

Hiking in Lapland is experiencing unspoilt nature with limited risk. According to our understanding hiking borders clearly from the trekking. While we always see the trekking tours lasting several days with overnight stays away, we mean by hiking a brief excursion into the surrounding area with the starting point at the guest house or a parking lot. In the evening we are definitely back in the safe accommodation. Hiking in the northern nature can however be very stressful, even for experienced users. Obstacles such as lakes and bogs have bypassed, watercourses are often forded. Often lacking actual trails, we follow instead narrow paths that have been kicked by moose long time ago. This is literally over hill and dale. Therefore, we hike in short stages with several breaks, either to capture your experiences in photos or simply sitting on a stone just to enjoy the nature. For the guided hikes you need a daypack, sturdy footwear and weatherproof clothings. Something condition is advantageous.

Hiking offers

On the mountain Bierdåjvvie


First tour to a local mountain with start right behind the cottage.


Duration: 4 h

To the mountain farm Örnbo

Forest hiking to an abandoned mountain farm in Ammarnäs.


Duration: Daytrip

Round trip in the highlands


Mountain air breathe on a round trip on the upper reaches of Vindelälven.


Duration: Daytrip

Round trip in the Vindelfjäll Nature Reserve


Lapland feeling pur: On Kungsleden to Räfallstugan


Duration: Daytrip

From Viktoriakyrkan to Kraddsele


Fantastic tour through all vegetation zones from the valley up

the highlands


Duration: Daytrip

To the Nature reserve Gimelgoults

Spectacular scenery along a glacial canyon.


Duration: 4 h

Summit ascent on Gajsatje


Ascent on an easily accessible 3000 ft mountain


Duration: Daytrip

Hike to the hamlet Delliknäs


Cosy forest walk to the settlement history of northern Sweden.


Duration: Daytrip

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